A Namath, McElroy lovefest on Twitter

When former Alabama QB Greg McElroy was drafted by the Jets, he spoke eloquently of his fondness for Joe Namath and how his father always idolized Namath. McElroy said he wore No. 12 at Alabama because of Namath and he mentioned that, when he signed with the Crimson Tide, he received a congratulatory voice mail from Broadway Joe. A friendship was born.

On Monday, the mutual admiration spilled over to Twitter, where the two former Alabama quarterbacks -- some 45 years apart -- exchanged pleasantries in 140 characters or less. What a world. Here's a sampling:

From @RealJoeNamath: "Greg I'm excited to see you in Pro Football, Especially with the JETS!"

Another tweet from @RealJoeNamath: "If anyone were ready to step in, I know it would be you."

A response from @GVMcElroy: "Wow. If this is real, then I am pumped!"

Reply from @RealJoeNamath: "Now that the NCAA not involved, I'll be staying in touch! Go Jets!!! #Jets #ROLLTide"

@GVMcElroy: "Looking forward to it!"

@RealJoeNamath: "Bought Coach Ryan's book yesterday. Knowing you, I bet you've ALREADY read it :)"

While we're on the subject, Namath and McElroy are only two of six players ever drafted out of Alabama by the Jets. The other four:

Marty Lyons, DE, 1979, first round

Richard Todd, QB, 1976, first round

Greg Gantt, PK, 1974, eighth round

Mike Hall, LB, 1969, tenth round