Wilson visits Revis at "Jets Southwest"

On Sunday, Jets CB Kyle Wilson tweeted that he was heading to Scottsdale, Arizona, to start workouts with teammate Darrelle Revis. That blurb, no doubt, probably brought smiles to many in the Jets' organization.

From the time he left Pitt and started preparing for the draft in 2007, Revis has trained at Fischer Sports. Usually, he goes for the month of July, getting into shape for training camp. While there, he trains his brain as well as his biceps, using his time to perform an intensive film breakdown of the wide receivers he will face in the upcoming season. He works with Will Sullivan, a speed coach who also specializes in tutoring DBs.

Now Wilson will be exposed to Revis' world, and that is a good thing.

Wilson struggled in his rookie season, as many cornerbacks often do. That he had to learn a new position -- the slot -- made his first season even more challenging. The Jets still have high hopes for Wilson, who figures to have a prominent role in 2011. Hanging out with the best cornerback in football should help tremendously, especially when it comes to studying opponents and learning the nuances of the position.

The lockout is having a huge effect on second-year players like Wilson, players who ordinarily would use their first full NFL offseason to make physical and mental improvements. Now they're not allowed to be at facilities or talk to coaches. Give Wilson credit; he's doing the next-best thing, visiting Revis' desert island.

Revis invited all the DBs, but no word yet on the turnout.