Rapid react: No Nnamdi

My thoughts on Nnamdi Asomugha spurning the Jets and Cowboys for the mystery team, the Eagles:

• It's not a disaster. An Asomugha-Darrelle Revis tandem at cornerback would've been formidable, but it wouldn't have made the Jets' pass defense inpenetrable. Plus, Asomugha is 30, and there's some risk in paying $12 million a year to a cornerback that old.

• The key is how the Jets react to this. They need another top-notch corner to play opposite in Revis. When you blitz and play as much man-to-man as the Jets do, you need two outstanding cover corners. Kyle Wilson? He had a shaky rookie year and he's not ready. Antonio Cromartie? Read on.

• Did the Jets burn a bridge with Cromartie by fawning all over Asomugha for four days? Perhaps. More importantly, you get the impression the Jets aren't sold on Cromartie as a long-term answer. He's a very talented player, with the ability to lock down tall receivers with long speed, but he gets sloppy with his technique, commits penalties and doesn't tackle.

• Don't be surprised if the Jets try to pry away Asante Samuel from the Eagles, who now have three top corners. The Jets and Eagles have a good relationship, and they've been trading partners in the past (Lito Sheppard, anyone?), so it wouldn't be a shock if they start talking about Samuel.

Chris Carr? Puh-leze. His name is being bandied about, but let's get real. He has been a starter for only one season, and that was last year with the Ravens. He got pushed into the lineup because of injuries. Rex Ryan has always liked Carr, according to a source, but he's not a No. 2 corner. If the Jets don't make nice with Cromartie and reel him in -- or pull off a trade for Samuel or a comparable player -- they're going to be wearing egg on their faces.

• You also have to wonder about the players who were asked to restructure their contracts for Asomugha -- LaDainian Tomlinson, Calvin Pace, and Bart Scott. They can't be happy.