"He needs to be more of a quarterback"

Santonio Holmes was asked Thursday about Mark Sanchez -- specifically what he expects from Sanchez in his third season. Interesting answer from Holmes.

"I honestly think he needs to be more of a quarterback," the Jets' $45 million wide receiver said. "What I mean by that is, allow the playmakers to make the plays. He just (has to) pitch and catch the ball and give us opportunities and not put all the pressure on himself that he has to get the job done. Just allow his playmakers get the job done for him."

Asked if that has been a "problem" for Sanchez, Holmes said, "Being a young guy, he wants to be perfect, and you kind of get a sense of his emotions at times. But as far as physically, or even seeing things happen on the field, you won't notice them. But being around him, you know when his emotions fluctuate."