MJD still apologizing to fantasy owners

Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew has scored 64 touchdowns in his career, but it's one he didn't score -- against the Jets -- that still is creating buzz.

In 2009, Jones-Drew took a knee at the Jets' 1 even though the Jaguars were down by a point in the final two minutes. It infuriated fantasy owners, but it was a smart strategy because the Jets had no timeouts left and never got the ball back. They wanted to let him score on purpose, but he didn't take the bait. The Jaguars ended up winning on a field goal, 24-22.

"My teammates were pretty (ticked) off," Jones-Drew said Wednesday on a conference call with New York media. "I told them it was for a reason and Coach (Jack) Del Rio explained it after. The fantasy fans hated it. Fantasy is a fun thing -- it's a hobby for me -- but it doesn't play the bills. I have to take care of what pays the bills."

Jones-Drew praised the Jets' defense, singling out trash-talking LB Bart Scott. The Jets and Jaguars play Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

"As he goes, that defense goes," Jones-Drew said. "He brings that fire, that Bart, that tenacity, that physical-ness to the defense. We know when he gets going, they'll be tough to stop."

MJD said he enjoys his trash-talking wars with Scott, one of the league's most notorious yappers.

"It's football and we're all adults, but we do act like children every now and then," he said.

Jones-Drew, one of the more charismatic players in the league, took some good-natured shots at New York, referring to "the small lights of New York City" and claiming the Jaguars draw more media attention than the Jets.

"I think we're a bigger market," he cracked. "People think we're a small market and feel sorry for us, but we're really the biggest market in the league."