Sanchez recalls a bad moment

It happened after the Jets' 24-22 loss to the Jaguars in 2009. QB Mark Sanchez, who played poorly, conducted one of the weirdest post-game news conferences you'll ever see. Instead of taking questions, he read from prepared notes, covering various aspects of the game.

He got ripped for it -- and deservedly so. Sanchez, obviously more mature than the rookie from two years ago, was able to laugh it off Wednesday, poking fun at himself for that ... um, unusual approach.

"Stupid," he admitted. "You're frustrated. You're losing games ... We were getting our butts kicked all over the field and I was playing poorly and I was the reason for most of our losses, so that's a tough spot to be in. You'd think I'd be ready to handle it. At that moment, you're like, 'I need an answer for all this stuff. Here's what it is.

"Just stupid. A rookie mistake. Just dumb. Dumb."

On a more serious matter, Sanchez reiterated what he told 1050 ESPN Radio on Tuesday, that he took concussions tests after Sunday night's win and that he feels fine. In fact, he didn't appear on the team's injury report.

"It was a physical game and I was taking a couple of shots, and I was getting up a little slow," said Sanchez, who was knocked down 10 times by Rex Ryan's count.

Sanchez blamed himself for two of the four sacks, saying he held the ball too long.

Ryan, who made no mention of the concussions tests in his Monday news conference, said Sanchez "passed with flying colors." He said the tests were precautionary. The coach also acknowledged that the pass protection has to improve, noting that Sanchez took too many hits.

"Clearly, you don't want that to happen unless you have Roman Gabriel -- because he weighed about 280," Ryan said.