Mason comments on stun-gun incident

When Jets wide receiver Derrick Mason heard about the man who got a stun gun past MetLife Stadium security Sunday night and later used it in an altercation with fans during the game, he was, as he put it, shocked.

“How did he get in the stadium with it?” Mason said. “Especially on that day, that’s a lack of attention to detail. That’s shocking that something like that happened, that they allowed that inside the stadium.”

That question has been asked quite a bit in the wake of Leroy McKelvey’s arrest on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, when bomb-sniffing dogs were at the main gates leading into the parking lots, and pat-downs were performed after tickets were scanned. Mason said that security was tight even for the players.

“I guess some people slip in,” Mason said. “You can’t catch everything but it’s shocking to hear that that happened. And then he obviously used it in the stands, that’s worse.”

Stun guns are legal in McKelvey’s home state of South Carolina, although they are prohibited in New York and New Jersey.

McKelvey’s son, Charlemagne -- a radio DJ in New York -- said that Rex Ryan’s comments earlier in the week, when Ryan said he didn’t see why anyone would wear a Cowboys jersey to the game, were provocative.

“I truly believe he created a hostile environment for Cowboys fans,” Charlemagne said.

McKelvey didn’t stand for parts of the opening ceremony, which his son attributed to his religion. The decision to sit apparently angered other fans. To Mason, it seemed like a no-brainer to show respect on Sept. 11.

“Some things you just can’t do,” Mason said. Even if McKelvey had a problem with part of the events, “I still would have stood out of respect for this country and out of respect, more so for that day and the people that lost their lives.”