Revis can do it all -- even blitz

The Jets did some strange things with their cornerbacks against the Cowboys. Antonio Cromartie was used at wide receiver for one play and Darrelle Revis -- are you ready for this? -- blitzed the quarterback.

That's extremely rare. Revis, according to his count, has blitzed only twice in two-plus seasons under Rex Ryan. The All-Pro cornerback remembers blitzing only once under Ryan's predecessor, Eric Mangini.

One thing about a Ryan/Mike Pettine defense: They'll do just about anything under the sun to rattle a quarterback, but they don't believe in sending their cornerbacks. In Revis, they feel they have to best cover man on the planet, and they believe it doesn't make sense to rush him.

But there's always the element of surprise.

"It kind of felt great," Revis said Thursday. "You try to put on your Ray Lewis mode. It was good. It was a well-executed play and we got Tony (Romo) to throw it quick (an incompletion)."

Revis said that when he heard the call, "it put a smile on my face. I thought, 'I might get a sack. I might get my stats up.'"

No, Revis isn't going to ask for more blitzing opportunities.

"I'll stick to coverage and let David Harris and Jim Leonhard do the blitzing," he said. "They do it way better than me."

No argument from his coaches. Said defensive coordinator Mike Pettine: "That might be it for his career."