LT loves Oakland; feeling not mutual

To say LaDainian Tomlinson is a Raiders killer would be an understatement.

In 16 games against the Silver & Black (all with the Chargers), Tomlinson rushed for more yards and touchdowns (2,017 yards, 22 TDs) than most running backs produce in their careers. Former Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan once told Tomlinson, half-jokingly, that he's responsible for his Hall-of-Fame credentials.

Tomlinson said his old Chargers coach, Marty Schottenheimer, knew how to beat the Raiders: Run and keep running.

"He wanted to wear them down," Tomlinson said the other day, looking forward to his 17th battle against Oakland. "His thing was, 'We're going to run '50 Power' 40 times a game.' One year, I promise you, we ran it 20 straight times -- 20 straight times! We wore them out and they eventually folded."

Yes, Tomlinson said with a smile, he reminded Brian Schottenheimer, Marty's son, of those game plans. It'll be interesting to see how the Jets attack the Raiders Sunday in Oakland. They absolutely want to get their running game going, and the Raiders are vulnerable. They've already allowed 255 yards and a 6.7 average in games against the Broncos and Bills.

Ordinarily, the Ground & Pound Jets would smell blood and try to punish a team like that on the ground, but these aren't the Ground & Pound Jets anymore. They've been passing more than ever under Rex Ryan, especially on first down, and they're not running particularly well when they do decide to keep it on the ground. Now All-Pro C Nick Mangold (ankle) is out, which means it's going to be difficult to run up the middle.

You have to figure they'll try to run outside, which means maybe Tomlinson -- relegated to third-down duty -- will be a bigger factor than usual. Maybe he gets a chance to turn back to clock against the team he used to terrorize.