McMichael refuses to give Jets any credit

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- How’s this for sour grapes?

San Diego Chargers backup tight end Randy McMichael refused to give the New York Jets any credit for beating his team, 27-21, on Sunday afternoon.

“The San Diego Chargers beat ourselves, OK?” McMichael said. “It’s all about us. We took our foot off the gas pedal, and we lost because of it. ... Their secondary isn’t anything. It’s our fault. It had nothing to do with anybody on their team. It's all about the guys in this locker room room, we lost the game. They didn’t do anything.”

The Chargers led the Jets by 11 points heading into the second half, but couldn’t hold their advantage due to foolish penalties and bad turnovers. San Diego was flagged 13 times in the game for a total of 95 yards, and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw a pair of interceptions late in the fourth quarter, which led to 10 New York points, including Plaxico Burress’ third touchdown catch of the game with 8:41 remaining that gave the Jets their first lead of the afternoon, 24-21.

“It’s our fault,” McMichael said. You can ask any question you want to ask, everything comes down to the San Diego Chargers beating the San Diego Chargers today. It had nothing to do with the New York Jets. It’s embarrassing, but it is what it is. We still have more games to play, and we’ll get ready to play whoever we play on Sunday (Kansas City).”

Asked if the Chargers (4-2) were still better than the Jets (4-3), McMichael responded, “Hell yeah. But they won, so whatever. I’m not giving anybody no credit, I’m taking the credit away from us, how about that?”

Said Chargers head coach Norv Tuner: “It’s disappointing. We played a game two weeks ago and had zero penalties for zero yards. We didn’t handle it nearly as well today.”