Jets picks are on the rise

The Bills' opportunistic defense has created a lot of chatter this week because they're tied for the league lead with 18 takeaways, including 14 interceptions. But what about the Jets?

The Jets have 12 interceptions, only one shy of last season's total. Here's a breakdown:

Darrelle Revis -- 4

Antonio Cromartie -- 3

David Harris -- 1

Josh Mauga -- 1

Kyle Wilson -- 1

Eric Smith -- 1

Teams that play a lot of man-to-man coverage, as the Jets do, usually don't record a lot of interceptions. Simple reason: The eyes of the defender are on the receiver, not the quarterback. So why is the Jets' total so high?

The Jets are playing a little more zone coverage than in the past, according to Rex Ryan.

"Well, we're running some loaded zones where you put some traps in there, you let them think it's man and then you run loaded zones," Ryan said. "We play so much man with Revis that everybody knows. It's hard to get an interception when you're just playing true man, even though Revis can. But every now and then, you give them what we call the down off once in a blue moon, where you actually let him play like every other corner in the league, and he gets interceptions, it seems like."

The Jets used a loaded zone when Revis intercepted Chargers QB Philip Rivers in the last game. Another factor, according to Ryan, is an improved pass rush, forcing quarterbacks into bad throws. Statistically, the pass rush is slightly improved from last season. The Jets make a sack once every 13 pass attempts; it was 14.3 last season.

Another factor: The Jets have played two poor quarterbacks, Luke McCown (Jaguars) and Matt Moore (Dolphins).