Maybin on Penn State: "It's unfortunate"

Aaron Maybin never played for former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who is alleged to have sexually abused eight children over a 15-year period.

But he crossed paths with him during his tenure at Penn State, which lasted from 2006-2009.

He, like others associated with the program, was upset to hear the news that Sandusky was arrested Saturday on charges that he preyed on boys he met through his charity, The Second Mile, founded to help at-risk youths.

Aaron Maybin

Aaron Maybin

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"It’s very unfortunate. Obviously I wasn't a player under coach Sandusky. But with me being there the amount of time that I was, I was able to know him and a bunch of the other guys that are involved in the investigation," Maybin said on Monday. "So obviously, nobody really knows how it's going to play out and what’s true and what’s not, but it’s unfortunate. I’m praying for the families of those affected and hopefully it all sorts itself out."

Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the school's senior vice president for business and finance, were arraigned Monday on charges they lied to a grand jury and failed to properly report alleged child sexual abuse by Sandusky.

Maybin said he reached out to a few players at Penn State that he is close with and "let them know that we are all watching and we’re all still pulling for them. And they’ve all got a strong support system with the guys that have gone through."

Maybin was asked about outsiders' opinions that longtime head coach Joe Paterno should be fired for failing to report what he knew to authorities.

He said he had no feeling on the subject.

"In order for me to have feelings on that I would have to know a lot more about what the situation is. And obviously when you have a subject that’s so sensitive, you’ve really got to watch what you say," Maybin said. "Obviously at this point there are eight families right now that have been affected and you definitely don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. Like I said before, it’s an unfortunate situation and hopefully it all gets sorted out for the best."