Ordering a Big Mac for the defense

The Patriots made headlines with all the seldom-used players they employed Sunday night against the Jets, but the Jets used one, too -- OLB Garrett McIntyre.

It went virtually unnoticed, but McIntyre played with the base defense in Bryan Thomas' old spot at outside linebacker. The Jets were in nickel and dime most of the game against the Patriots' spread looks, but when they went to their 3-4 base alignment, it was McIntyre in the lineup.

McIntyre has worked with the first team this week in practice, according to a source, and that's significant because the base defense will get a lot more playing time against the run-oriented Broncos. The Broncos, led by running QB Tim Tebow, rushed 55 times in last week's win over the Chiefs.

The Jets have used a committee approach since Thomas suffered a season-ending Achilles' injury in Week 4. Jamaal Westerman and Josh Mauga have played in the base, but McIntyre (6-3, 255) is considered the best run defender.

McIntyre was one of the free-agent surprises in training camp. He bounced around a few NFL training camps after leaving Fresno State, finally making a name in the CFL. That's where the Jets noticed him.