Why was Sanchez angry?

Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's something. But it deserves to be pointed out because, well, you couldn't help but notice Mark Sanchez's mini-eruption when he got to the sideline after his game-winning TD pass to Santonio Holmes with 1:01 left in Sunday's win over the Bills.

The CBS cameras followed Sanchez on the sideline. They showed him sitting on the bench next to QBs coach Matt Cavanaugh, who was smiling and put his arm around Sanchez.

Sanchez wasn't smiling. He didn't look like someone who has just rescued his team from a potentially devastating defeat.

Next, the cameras showed him stalking the sideline, wearing a scowl on his face. Then came the moment: Sanchez leaned between Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard and screamed a few words at someone not in the frame. Brodney Pool was on the edge of the frame, but it's hard to imagine why he'd yell at Pool.

After the outburst, Sanchez walked away, still fuming. Was he shouting encouragement to teammates? Doubt it, not with that look on his face. Was he firing back at Rex Ryan, who tweaked Sanchez last week by sitting him for a few practice reps?

I asked Ryan Monday if he and Sanchez had a moment after the game-winning TD, or after the game, to discuss last week.

"No," Ryan said. "We probably popped off at each other like we normally do. I don't remember."

Sanchez doesn't speak to reporters on Mondays, so he wasn't available. Come to think of it, only a handful of players showed up in the locker room during the media period. The silent Jets? Now we're talking strange.