Keller looking for big day

Teams with big-time, pass-catching tight ends have been able to gash the Giants' defense. The Jets like to think they have one of those players, Dustin Keller, who sees the potential for a big day Saturday when he watches film of the Giants.

"They don't do a whole ton to take the tight end out of the game plan," Keller said. "I guess they feel like they can give up a first down here and there, but they must not think a tight end can destroy their defensive game plan. Hopefully, it's a big day for me. There's going to be opportunities out there, we just have to take advantage of it."

The Giants employ a lot of split-safety (Cover 2) looks, but they mix up their coverages underneath. In other words, it could be Cover 2, with man-to-man underneath. Against a Cover-2, with zone underneath, Keller could be a factor over the middle.

In recent weeks, the Giants have kept only only one quality tight end in check, the Cowboys' Jason Witten (three catches for 12 yards). Here's how others have fared:

Jimmy Graham, Saints -- 5 for 84, 2 TDs

Jermichael Finley, Packers -- 6 for 87, 1 TD

Brent Celek, Eagles -- 6 for 60

Vernon Davis, 49ers -- 3 for 40, 1 TD

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots -- 8 for 101, 1 TD