Playoff scenarios: Jets need help

With the loss to the Giants leaving the Jets 8-7, the AFC playoff picture clears up. The Jets have to win in Miami which, given the last two weeks, is perhaps less a given than it seemed a few weeks ago.

In addition, the Jets need a few other things to roll their way:

BENGALS LOSS: The Ravens are playing Cincinnati next Sunday, and Baltimore will have seeding to play for. This won't be an easy game for the Bengals.

TITANS LOSS: The Titans are playing in Houston, but the Texans are already set in the playoffs and can't improve their seed with a win, so the team could rest starters. That would help the Titans chances, not so much the Jets.

If the Jets win, the Bengals and Titans lose, then one other thing has to got the Jets way. Either:

RAIDERS LOSS: The Chargers head to Oakland and are out of the playoffs, but could play spoiler to the Raiders chance at winning the division.


BRONCOS LOSS: The Broncos host the Chiefs. Again, the Chiefs can only keep Denver from winning the division.