Lin's first start best since ... Isiah Thomas

In the Knicks' 99-88 win over the Jazz Monday night, Jeremy Lin became the first player in more than 30 years to have at least 28 points and eight assists in his first NBA start.

The last player to do that? None other than former Knicks president and coach, Isiah Thomas. On Oct. 30, 1981, playing for the Pistons, Zeke had 31 points and 11 assists in his pro debut.

To emphasize how good Lin has been in just two games, here's a breakdown of NBA point guards with the best PER (player efficiency rating) and for players on the Knicks:

Highest PER By Point Guards This Season*

Chris Paul -- 26.7

Derrick Rose -- 25.3

Jeremy Lin -- 25.0

Steve Nash -- 23.4

Russell Westbrook -- 22.8

*Minimum 135 Minutes Played

Highest PER By New York Knicks This Season*

Jeremy Lin -- 25.0

Carmelo Anthony -- 20.8

Tyson Chandler -- 20.4

Amare Stoudemire -- 17.3

Landry Fields -- 13.1

*Minimum 135 Minutes Played

Source: ESPN Stats & Info

Compared to Knicks point guards Iman Shumpert and Toney Douglas, Lin, in just one start, has been the best so far in creating offensive efficiency, especially more points per game and a higher shooting percentage. Here's a breakdown:

Jeremy Lin

1-0 record as a starter

99 points per game

19 assists per game

47.9 field goal percentage*

*The Knicks are shooting 42.8 percent on the season (eighth-worst in the league)

Iman Shumpert

6-10 record as a starter

94.9 points per game

19.4 assists per game

43.0 field goal percentage

Toney Douglas

3-6 record as a starter

94.1 points per game

18.3 assists per game

41.0 field goal percentage

Source: The Elias Sports Bureau

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