Jeremy Lin named East Player of the Week

Jeremy Lin's dream week culminated with the honor of being named the Knicks' first NBA Player of the Week this season, even before Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire.

Lin led the Knicks to a 4-0 record, averaging 27.3 points, 8.3 assists and 2.0 steals. His 109 points over his first four career starts are the most by any player since 1976-77, and he became the first player in NBA history to tally at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his first four starts. Lin scored a career-high 38 points on Feb. 10, in a 92-85 win over the Lakers.

Here's Anthony, Stoudemire and Lin himself after Monday's practice on the Lin-sanity that's taken place ...

Lin: "It's a lot right now, but I think I'm getting used to it a little more. I'm obviously spending as much time with my family and them constantly giving me advice and keeping me grounded and helping me with the whole transition. The important thing for me is where faith comes in and to understand that just because I had a couple of good games, it can't change who I am. I don't really care how long this lasts, as long as we win, to be honest. That's what we're talking about on this end. I'm not really too worried about anything but tomorrow' game."

Anthony: "I love it. I love it. It's crazy. Everywhere you go, it's Lin, Lin, Lin, Lin. I'm enjoying it. My son told me to tell Lin, "What's up," [laughs]. I'm kind of sad that I'm not out there to be a part of it, but I love what's going on right now. The underdog story -- a guy who's been sent down to the D-League numerous times and then to actually come back and give New York a spark, give our team a spark. It's something that we've been looking for, trying to figure out different lineups, different experiments. He's thriving right now."

Stoudemire: "I mean, he's playing well. Only in New York would he become an international icon over night. He was about to get cut and he comes out and has a phenomenal week. It's those Cinderella stories, man, that really capture the fans and also the media. It's something that you can't really explain. New York just captures that Cinderella story. They love the underdogs, they truly do, only because New Yorkers themselves are hard workers, and they want to feel the success from the athletes and from their teams. That's what they're feeling from us right now."

Here are the players' takes on the best Lin pun they've heard so far ...

Lin: "I haven't heard that one, [referring to 'Lin-derella' story]. I like Jeremy. Another creative one might be Super Lin-tendo. I played that growing up."

Anthony: "All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin. I mean, we're winning games and that's my favorite right now. I've been talking to Lin the last couple of days and just asking him how he's taking all of this, and he's so humble. He's a very down-to-earth person. Before the Jazz game, I was in the back getting treatment, working out. And he came in there and they had him on ESPN, and he was like, "Can you turn that off, please" [laughs]?

Stoudemire: "I like Lin-sanity. That's what it is right now. It's really a madness right now around New York, and it's been out of control with him and what he's doing. He's very well-received because he's a humble guy and he loves to play the game."

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