Tyson has range, you just wouldn't know it

When was the last time you saw Tyson Chandler shoot a 3-pointer, or even a jump shot for that matter?

It does not happen. The Knicks center plays exactly within the game that suits him the best: slashes to the basket for dunks and layups, and crashes to the glass for second-chance points.

Since the NBA showcases the best basketball talent in the world, coaches want to bring out their players' best strengths. Therefore, many times you don't get to see guys do everything they're capable of doing in an actual game setting.

For Chandler, he can play a little on the perimeter.

Occasionally after practice, the Knicks will divide up on both sides of the court for 3-point shooting contests. And guess what? Chandler is right there with Amare Stoudemire as a big man long-range marksman. Even with Chandler's injured left wrist lately, his form, release and arc have stood out.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to bring it out," Chandler said, smiling, after Monday morning's shootaround. "But that's not what I'm here for. I just mess around and shoot with guys just to challenge them. You want to work on all aspects of your game, but I know what's needed for me here, so that's what I'll stick to."

Perhaps one of these days in the fourth quarter of a blowout victory, Mike Woodson will call a Steve Novak-like space-out play for Chandler. Then, you may get to see what the few members of the media get to witness at the Knicks' training facility. This time, it'll be one that actually counts -- and Chandler's first as an NBA player.

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