Q&A with Jerome Jordan

NEW YORK -- With Jared Jeffries out for roughly another week and a half (right knee inflammation) and Amare Stoudemire now sidelined indefinitely (bulging disk), that could mean some more minutes for Jerome Jordan.

Mike Woodson said he would not be opposed to yelling Jordan's name down the bench for him to play in competitive games, not just blowouts.

"Would I be scared to throw him in there if we got in foul trouble and needed to use him?" Woodson said earlier in the week. "Absolutely not. I think he can give us some positive minutes, but not big minutes. He just hasn't played enough. We've talked about possibly sending him down to get a couple of games under his belt in the D-League just to stay sharp. We'll see."

ESPN New York's Jared Zwerling caught up with Jordan to get his take on how things could play out for himself looking ahead, starting with the Magic matchup Wednesday night. Here's their conversation:

Q: What was your initial reaction when you heard the news about Stoudemire?

Jordan: It's tough. We've just got to re-group and just keep playing like we did [Monday night against the Bucks].

Q: Are you seeing a bigger opportunity for yourself looking ahead?

Jordan: I mean, you never know. You've just got to stay ready and keep doing the stuff that you're doing, and whenever they call your number, just be ready.

Q: What advice has Mike Woodson given you?

Jordan: He's been good. He said keep working and just keep trying to pick up things on the fly. It's been a tough year with not much practice time, so he's been good.

Q: What kinds of things are you working on in practice to get ready for that moment?

Jordan: I mean, every day just try to stay in shape. If I get to play, do the little things, like setting screens, rolling and playing solid defense. It's pretty much just staying in shape.

Q: Anything you've learned about defense under Woodson?

Jordan: In college [at Tulsa], I had a defensive-minded coach also, but it's different in the NBA. The rotations are a little bit different, but the principles are basically the same, so I pretty much watch Tyson [Chander] play and guys like that, and try to do what they do.

Q: What have you taken away from watching Tyson?

Jordan: He's playing with energy, he's vocal and he's a leader for us defensively. He kind of anchors the paint. I'm just trying to emulate that right now.

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