Woodson: Lin got stitches out, doing fine

NEW YORK -- During his pregame news conference, Knicks coach Mike Woodson provided an update on Jeremy Lin.

"He's doing fine," Woodson said. "He got his stitches out yesterday and he's just increasing his therapy work. Where he is in terms of coming back, it's somewhere down the road. It won't be anytime soon."

Lin has missed the Knicks' last nine games with a small chronic meniscal tear in his left knee that required surgery.

Jared Jeffries was on ESPN New York 1050's "Ruocco & Lundberg" on Friday afternoon and discussed the difference in the offense without Lin. Jeffries said the Knicks have an occasional drop-off in pace and energy on offense, which directly ties to the Knicks not having Lin in the lineup. The team is sorely missing a healthy point guard who can push that tempo.

Instead, with the hobbled Baron Davis as the starting point guard, the team has been forced to play more grind-out, halfcourt basketball, where scoring has become a tougher task. The new system has encouraged J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Landry Fields to all look to dribble-drive and pound the ball inside, but they don't always capitalize and then the offense has to be reset. That's one of the main reasons Carmelo Anthony has been relied on more to make consistent plays.

"I can definitely say that one of our larger concerns is just finding a rhythm," Jeffries said, "because the same guys that were out there who were winning when we put up 115 points some nights, then have a hard time scoring and put up 80 points. ... Whenever we move the ball up the court quicker, we take good open shots. Even if they don't go in initially, we'll make those shots, and if we keep doing that I think our offense will come around."

Jeffries said he believes Lin wants to be back on the court for the playoffs, and that his looming free agency has nothing to do with him having to sit out for an extended period of time.

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