J.R. Smith stars in music video

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- J.R. Smith seems to pop up everywhere these days.

He's constantly on Twitter and Instagram, even during vampire hours; he's a regular at New York City hotspots; he makes impromptu appearances at different events; and he's on the front page of the sports section for yet another newsworthy story or quote -- like last week's "I would prefer to start" -- or on Page Six for reportedly having a fling with Rihanna.

While Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire steal most of the NYC sports spotlight, Smith could very well be the most interesting athlete in town right now. Beyond his polarizing role on the Knicks -- as the most talented, unpredictable player on the roster -- many fans love him for his outgoing personality, visibility in the community, lifestyle interests (tattoos, sneakers, etc.) and transparency (he's very open on social media).

And now Smith has added a new layer of intrigue. He's starring in a new music video called "How Deep Is Your Love," which features Grammy award-winning reggae artist Sean Paul and popular R&B singer Kelly Rowland. Smith, who plays the love interest, said he didn't even have to audition for the role.

"They just came to me and asked me to do it," he told ESPNNewYork.com on Saturday. "From listening to the song, they just said I was the perfect person to play it."

Smith said that Paul and Rowland filmed their own scenes in Los Angeles, and his was a one-day, six-hour shoot in NYC. While the experience made him want to continue acting, he's not jumping into it again so fast.

"It's hard," he said. "A lot of people underestimate it. Acting is definitely a tough gig to have."

On a side note, in case you're wondering if the heavily-tattooed Smith got any new ink in the offseason, he didn't.

But he's not done yet.

"I don't really plan mine," he said. "I just go to the tattoo shop and think of it when I'm there really. I see my guy Bone in Los Angeles (at the Flaming Ink Tattoo parlor)."

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