Chandler and Stackhouse have a cook off

Even though the highly-anticipated matchup between the Knicks and Nets didn't happen on Nov. 1, the two teams were represented in a rivalry off the court that week.

Tyson Chandler and Jerry Stackhouse battled it out in the kitchen on Oct. 30 during a first-time segment on Rachael Ray's show called "Courtside Cook-Off." With Knicks legend and MSG analyst Walt Frazier as the judge, each player cooked their specialty. Chandler made enchiladas with a twist -- "it's almost kind of like a cross between lasagna and an enchilada" -- and Stackhouse made his "Stackhouse Burger" with a special onion mix.

Chandler: "I've always loved to eat, so if you love to eat, you've got to know how to cook a little bit. One of the great things about being in the kitchen is that I'm so agile on the court, and I bring that same aggressiveness to the kitchen."

Stackhouse: "I've been cooking since I was probably five or six years old. I learned from my mom. She was a short-order cook."

At a charity event in SoHo Wednesday night, Stackhouse told ESPNNewYork.com that the experience was a great way to branch out and do something different with Chandler.

"I think he's a great guy. We have the same agent and what not," Stackhouse said. "It was a chance to get to show a different side of us. Being able to not just have basketball fans, but Rachael Ray fans, I think people look at us now and think, 'I remember Jerry and Tyson from the show. Let me check into what they're doing now.'"

To find out who won the cook off, click here to watch the whole segment.

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