Notes: J.R. calls Knicks 'disrespectful'

J.R. Smith called the Knicks out for putting on another poor first-quarter performance in front of the Garden crowd. Make that four in a row. While the Knicks shot 36.4 percent from the field, the Nets finished at 52.9 percent and led 26-24 after one.

"We have a great crowd, great fans," he said. "For us to come out there and not play the way we're capable of to start the game off, and try to always have to fight back into it in the second half, it's unacceptable. It's disrespectful to them more than anything, and for us we, should be embarrassed about it."

SHUMPERT 'FINE': Iman Shumpert said he felt "fine" on both sides of the ball after scoring two points on 1-for-6 shooting, grabbing four rebounds and handing out two assists in 20 minutes against the Nets.

Shumpert started the game guarding Joe Johnson. Johnson came out hot, hitting his first four shots as Shumpert had to rotate off of him to help in other areas on several occasions.

"It's always a tough matchup with Joe," Shumpert said. "They set good screens for him. He's great when he's got the ball. So he's always a tough cover. Six-eight, strong, you've just got to try to defend him as hard as you can."

NO MIC? If an MSG technician was stationed near the court with a microphone to record conversations around Carmelo Anthony, they weren't in plain sight on Monday. MSG chairman James Dolan ordered a technician to record conversations around Anthony on Friday and, reportedly, on Sunday.

PABLO IN PAIN: Pablo Prigioni was in pain in the third quarter after he went through a screen against Kris Humphries and banged his left big toe. The Knicks' training staff determined the injury wasn't serious.

"I hit my toe," he said. "I was in big pain and I couldn't walk. ... It's just swollen. Nothing broke I think. Good news."

In other injury news, at one point during the game, Smith took a hard fall and it took him a few seconds to get up. He's actually been having a season-long foot issue.

"I just stepped wrong," he said. "I've been having trouble with my Achilles all season, so I just made the wrong plant on it."

RUN, COACH, RUN! Whenever the Knicks have 12 or fewer turnovers in a game, the coaches have to run the following practice. Tonight, they had a season-low five turnovers. A big punch was Melo's pick-and-roll playmaking. He had a season-high seven assists and just two turnovers.

"When you see him doing stuff like that," Smith said, "it makes you want to do more than what you're capable of doing, so it's big for us."

WARDROBE CHANGE: Smith said he changed sneakers at halftime to gain comfort. He went from Jordan 11s to Jordan 12s.