White lists Knicks' best dancer, dresser, etc.

Outsiders may think the aging Knicks spend all their time getting treatment on their aches and pains, but there are plenty of youngsters (and young-at-hearts) on the team doing more than you think. ESPNNewYork.com spoke with James White to get the lowdown.

Best dancer: "(Iman Shumpert's) the only one that actually dances, so I'm going to go with him. I don't know about the rest of the guys. I can see him dancing at a party. I've never seen him out, but I could see him really dancing, too. His go-to move is the Dougie. He breaks down a little Dougie slash wheelchair dance. He loves that."

Best dressed: "I'm top three now. I've got to be top three. But J.R. Smith's pretty good. J.R. can dress. His style is new age, contemporary slash cool kid. He's a sneakerhead, so he definitely wears a lot of great sneakers. He also knows about nice sweaters, and he can put some suits on and stuff like that. He does pretty good."

Biggest fitness nut: "(Amar'e Stoudemire) is really about what he eats, and he does yoga and stuff like that. He's really concerned about his body and stuff like that. He just went vegan. A lot of guys do different things, like (Carmelo Anthony) was doing a diet one time. I can't do it. Maybe I'll do it later when I get older, but right now, nah."

Coolest car: "A lot of the guys have those vans. They have the vans with all that stuff in it. I like those because they make the most sense in the city. They have drivers with the vans, and they put their family in it, and they've got TVs and everything in it. They have big like 50-inch TVs in the van. I haven't been in all of them. I've been in Melo's. Melo has a nice white van. STAT has a brand new black one."

Future coach: "(Jason Kidd) probably. He's just smart. He's not super vocal. He's a quiet guy, but he'll go up to a guy and say something. He knows the game, of course. I think Pablo (Prigioni) would be a good coach overseas. He's very smart, very experienced guy. I played against him overseas in the Euroleague."

Most cultured: "Probably STAT. He likes to learn a lot of stuff. He travels a lot."

Most inspirational: "(Rasheed Wallace.) He's pretty vocal. It's not specific what he says. It's different every time. He's always trying to talk, even when he's in the game or on the side. He's just talking, trying to help as far as like on defense, calling out plays. He's always talking."

Most interesting off-the-court hobby: "I guess Tyson (Chandler) with his photography."

Most unique pregame routine: "(Laughs) Tyson, man. He always has to (use the bathroom) before every game. He just doesn't want to feel like he has to during the game. Melo runs into the hallway when we're away when they're doing the pregame announcements, and then he runs back out. As they're doing the home team's, whoever they're naming in the starting lineup, he runs out and then comes back when the lights come back on. He does that all the time."

Worst dressed: "There are a lot of guys. That's a lot easier, man. I don't really judge (Steve) Novak, man. He dresses like Bill Gates or somebody. Chris Copeland is pretty bad. I'm just going to go with Chris Copeland. He's bad. I mean, he's young, but he's bad. Well, not young, but he's new. He never really cared about fashion and stuff like that. Sometimes the pajama stuff that Marcus Camby has him wearing is better than what he normally wears, though."

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