Knicks to ice-cold Kidd: 'Keep shooting'

There are shooting slumps, and then there's what Jason Kidd has been through in the past 13 games.

Starting with the Knicks' Jan. 26 loss to Philadelphia, Kidd has made just 20 percent of his field goals and only 16 percent of his 3-point attempts.


Prior to that game, Kidd was hitting 42 percent from the field and a shade under that from beyond the arc.

When you look at Kidd's slump through the prism of effective field goal percentage -- a statistic that takes into account the value of a 3-pointer -- the numbers are even uglier.

Prior to Jan. 26, Kidd's effective field goal percentage was 58.1; in the 13 games since, it's 27 percent.

So how can Kidd climb out of the tailspin? Mike Woodson has a simple solution.

"Just keep shooting it," the coach said on Monday.

Kidd's teammates echoed that sentiment on Sunday night after watching Kidd miss six of seven shots in their win over Philly.

"I told him, 'Keep shooting,'" Tyson Chandler said. "He does so many little things when he's out there, I don't care if he goes 1-for-10."

Chandler has a point, sort of. Kidd did have nine rebounds on Sunday.

But Kidd's shooting is extremely important for the Knicks. When Kidd makes at least four field goals and shoots at least 45 percent from the floor, the Knicks are 8-3.

That's one reason why Woodson wants the 39-year-old to keep shooting.

"Trust me, Kidd's a mentally tough man," Woodson said. "If he's in a position and the game's on the line and he knows he's got to take (a shot), I put my money on Jason Kidd."

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