Five things to know about Clyde's style

Players aren't the only ones who enjoy the postseason spotlight. Knicks legend and MSG analyst Walt "Clyde" Frazier is about to raise his game, as well.

"Usually the playoffs is like another season, so you're stepping it up -- the energy, everything," he said. "That's when I really dress, during the playoffs. You've got a captive audience."

Frazier spoke with ESPNNewYork.com about what drives his sense of style.

1. Shock value: "Usually when I first go to Mohan's Custom Tailors in the city, I always tell them, 'Show me something you think nobody will wear. That's probably what I'm looking for.’ They know my taste.”

2. All about the fabric: "That's how I start with my suits. I see different fabrics. It's got to be something provocative because I've got so many suits. I usually go to Zarin Fabrics down on Allen Street and Grand Street in the city. It's a huge warehouse and I just show up. Sometimes I spend hours there and I might not buy anything. They have fabrics for sofas, drapes -- they do it for everything. That's how I ended up with the cow prints for my suits. It's for sofas, but it's very lightweight."

3. Mixing it up: “[I have] over a 100 [suits] or so, but like I tell people, 'If I have 100, I have 200 because I mix and match.'

“Sometimes, in my spare time, I just go in my closet and try to mix things up. Sometimes I do that for like 30, 40 minutes on a day off. The combinations change because I don't always keep the same tie with the same suit. ... Sometimes I'll wear the opposite vest of the suit that has some color to it or something. If I duplicate the suit, it's at least a month or so before I get back to it. I'll just go to something I haven't worn in a while and just try to add a little pizzazz.

“When the team is winning, you'll see my colors are brighter."

4. Bling is the thing: "I wear [my championship rings] every day. I just feel naked without them, really. I always wear them unless I'm in St. Croix. Also, the jive chain. I've been trying to find a pocket for the tie things, like the chain for your watches. The ones I have are too heavy."

5. Be yourself: "I wouldn't wear [lensless glasses]. It's copycat. A lot of the guys wear glasses now. Some of them look cool, they look good in them. I would never wear tattoos because everybody wears them. If somebody's doing something, then I'm kind of turned off to that. I try to do something different."