Melo on Crawford spat: 'It's nonsense'

BOSTON -- On the eve of Game 6, Carmelo Anthony said the attention paid to what Jordan Crawford may or may not have said to him in the aftermath of Game 5 is "nonsense." He also defended his wife, LaLa, and her decision to fire back at Crawford via social media.

"She always gets thrown into the mix of the Boston Celtics series so I would be upset if I was her," Anthony said. "She's her own person at the end of the day, so she has the right to say whatever she wants to say."

LaLa took a shot at Crawford via Twitter after the Celtics' reserve used the social media outlet to deny allegations that he made a nasty reference to her as the teams' walked off the court in Game 5.

"I would never talk trash about that man's wife. I don't [know] him," Crawford wrote on his verified Twitter account. "All I did was respond!!"

LaLa then chimed in, tweeting on her verified account, "Try again. You on the bench for a reason," in a reference to the Celtics guard.

On Thursday morning, Anthony was asked about all the attention paid to Crawford's actions.

"It's nonsense to me. I don't pay no attention to that," Anthony said. "I told you that the other day, it wasn't even worth y'all typing that."

The back-and-forth on social media was in response to a dustup in the aftermath of the Celtics' Game 5 win over the Knicks.

Television cameras showed Crawford appearing to curse at Anthony as the Knicks and Celtics filed off the floor. Raymond Felton then approached Crawford and teammate D.J. White. Felton had to be restrained by his teammates.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers rushed his players off the floor. No punches were thrown.

Anthony insisted that the Knicks' focus would not be impacted by the postgame flare-up and the back-and-forth that followed.

"As far as anything [regarding trash talk] goes, basketball is the first priority," he said. "No disrespect to anybody else but I'm trying to win this series. I told y'all all year long that I would let no negativity in our locker room, into our circle, and that's the way it's going to be."

The Knicks once led this first-round series 3-0 but failed twice to close the series out. So they face a Game 6 in Boston on Friday. If they lose tonight, they'd be one loss away from making the wrong kind of NBA history. No team in league history has ever lost a series after leading 3-0.

Anthony, who has missed 41 shots over the past two games, said his team should feel no pressure heading into Friday's game.

"We shouldn't be here playing with no pressure," Anthony said, indicating his team's preference for a pressure-free Game 6. "When you play with pressure, it makes the game tense and puts a lot of stress on this game, on this situation. I don't think we're the type of team that should be playing with a lot of pressure."

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