Shumpert: Offense needs 'more continuity'

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- "We failed."

That's how Iman Shumpert summed up the Knicks' playoff exit.

"We failed to do what we were supposed to do," he said Monday after his exit interview. "We know we were supposed to go farther, and we didn't."

Shumpert reflected on where the team ran into trouble, saying the offense needs to be adjusted next season.

"We need some more continuity as far as running something that everybody knows we're in it -- just something with more pace," he said. "We have a lot of dead possessions where we don't really have any cohesiveness. We're just sort of out there and it becomes watching whoever has the ball."

Starting center Tyson Chandler chimed in as well, saying there needs to be more consistency in the overall game play.

"We're further along than we were last year, but we're still not there yet," he said. "We have to be more consistent next year in all areas, and that's something for all of us to take into this offseason and come back with."

Chandler also said the team needs more offensive balance with less perimeter play. He even spoke about wanting to become more of a threat inside.

"I definitely want to be more involved, more consistent on the offensive end," he said. "I would like for us to develop some consistency with our offensive game play. Right now, we're a jump-shooting team. I would like for us to have a free-flowing offense that we all can be comfortable with."

The Knicks also had problems against the Pacers on the boards, and Shumpert knows that needs to be corrected next season.

"We've got to hold each other accountable and come next year, little things like not playing hard should never come into play," he said. "Getting beat on the boards when we know that's a point of emphasis in the series shouldn't happen. We've got to take care of the little things."

Carmelo Anthony agreed on the accountability factor, saying, "The more time you spend with each other, the more time you're able to be around each other, that stuff -- holding people accountable -- it comes naturally."

Depending on who you ask, there are different feelings on how the team will look next season. On one hand, Raymond Felton said the current squad needs time to blossom.

"We're just fine," he said. "When you start making too many changes, you can't build on something. When you're going to be successful, a team has to be together for a while. This is our first year together."

But on the other hand, Steve Novak envisions several changes.

"Things are going happen in this offseason I think," he said. "I imagine that it'll be a different look next year."

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