Notes: Hardaway Jr. suffers bruised wrist

LAS VEGAS -- On Sunday, Tim Hardaway Jr. suffered a bruised left wrist in the first half of the team's second summer league game.

X-rays taken afterward were negative, and Hardaway Jr., who had his wrist heavily wrapped after the game, didn't seem too bothered by it.

"I'm fine," said the rookie, who got hurt when he tripped and fell to the floor. "Whatever the doctors tell me to do, I'm going to do it."

Hardaway Jr. was leading the way for the Knicks with nine points at halftime of their 82-69 win over the Wizards. In the Knicks' 77-72 loss to the Pelicans on Friday, he finished with a team-high 13 points.

Hardaway Jr. has continued to show development on his drives, especially off of pick-and-rolls, demonstrating good patience, an explosive first step and aggressiveness attacking the basket. On one play, he took two dribbles down the baseline and rose up for an explosive, one-handed dunk.

"I felt great. I'm more confident today. Everything was going smoothly," he said. "I was just upset a little bit because I had to come out and not play the rest of the game. But that's just my competitive nature and I'm happy my team got the win."

Mike Woodson, who spoke with reporters after Sunday's game, said, "I like everything about him. I think when we were evaluating who we were going to draft, he was sitting right at the top of our list. He's a 6-6 kid that plays bigger than what he is, and he possesses a great jump shot. We've got to add a lot of things to his game, and I think he's very intelligent enough to learn the NBA game."

Hardaway Jr.'s biggest improvement needs to be on defense, particularly with his lateral movement. In the Knicks' first two games, he was tagged with difficult matchups -- Austin Rivers on Friday; Otto Porter on Sunday -- and he said those challenges are helping him adjust to the NBA game.

"It's helping greatly, just showing the versatility a little bit on the defensive end," he said. "It's just great competition out there. I'm happy to be a part of it."

Evidence of his potential comes from the practice court.

"I think practicing with the guys that are trying to make the team, the pros, the second-year guys, you get a sense of how you got to play," he said. "The practices really help out a lot, so if you just keep practicing, the games will come easy for you."

Hardaway Jr. has had the support of many fans in attendance, who are familiar with his father and former All-NBA point guard Tim Hardaway. From his pregame introduction to his in-game highlights, they've been cheering Hardaway Jr.'s name.

"It felt good," he said. "It just shows the love and the passion, and the love they got for the team. I'm just out there trying to play my game, and just go out there and do whatever I can to help the team win."

SUMMER LEAGUE NOTES (as told to ESPNNNewYork.com): Chris Smith said he plans to have individual workouts with other teams after summer league. At this point, point guard Toure' Murry is outplaying him in the D-League, and Mike Woodson said Sunday that he's considering inviting the D-Leaguer to training camp.

Henry Sims' agent, Todd Eley, said he chose the Bobcats' summer league team over the Knicks' for his client because there is a better opportunity for Sims to sign a rookie's minimum contract with Charlotte. That's because Woodson has preferred veteran frontcourt players in the past. However, Eley said the Knicks might be willing to develop a younger big this time around, and that he'd still explore an opportunity for Sims there.

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