Metta World Peace name change?

Many Knicks fans have wondered if Metta World Peace will go back to his original name -- Ron Artest -- now that he's back in New York.

It looks like those fans may get their wish.

World Peace said in an interview with ClevverNews that he plans to change his name this season, though not legally.

"We are going to do do a name change, but I can't tell you what it is," World Peace told an interviewer with ClevverNews.

World Peace added that he did not want to go through the process of changing his name legally again until he retires. "That's too much work," he said.

So that means he will have "World Peace" on the back of his Knicks jersey this season, but may answer to another name.

The New Yorker formerly known as Ron Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace in September 2011. He said at the time that he wanted to "inspire and bring youth together all around the world."

Though he he did not reveal what his new name will be, we have a few guesses of our own:

• Carlos Danger

• George Alexander Louis

• Most Interesting Man in the World

• Walt Frazier

• Mike Woodson

• Jay Z

What do you think World Peace's new name should be? What will it be? Leave your suggestion in the comments section below:

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