Opening Tip: Would you dump Shump?

When you're talking about trading Iman Shumpert, the fear among some in the Knicks fan base -- and the organization -- is that he will eventually develop into a great player.

Shumpert has shown us flashes in the past.

Remember his otherworldly shooting performance in Game 6 against Indiana last May? What about his dominant showing in Game 6 against Boston? He seemed to make every big play down the stretch when it felt like the Celtics were on the verge of an historic comeback.

But here's the problem: Shumpert hasn't yet produced on a consistent basis.

Need evidence?

Take a look at some of his defensive metrics, per ESPN Stats & Info:

"A lot of Shumpert’s value is supposed to come from his defense but the numbers paint a different picture. The Knicks allowed 105.3 points per 100 possessions when Shumpert was on the court last season. When he sat that number dropped to 102.9.

While that difference may seem minor, 3 fewer points per 100 possessions would’ve moved the Knicks as a team from 17th to 7th last season in defensive efficiency rankings (the Heat were 7th in defensive efficiency last season)."

And that's one factor the Knicks have to consider as they weigh potential trades involving Shumpert. Just how good will he eventually be?

All of which leads us to our question: If you were GM Steve Mills, would you trade Shumpert? If so, who would you deal him for?

Up now: The Knicks dropped their sixth straight home game on Wednesday, losing in overtime to Indiana.

Afterward, J.R. Smith said he's starting to panic.

Carmelo Anthony said it feels as if the Knicks are stuck in the mud. But he offered a vote of confidence for Shumpert after the guard made a crucial mistake at the end of the game, saying he didn't want to see him traded.

What's next: The Knicks will take the day off Thursday and probably practice on Friday to get ready for Saturday's game against Washington.

Question: If you were GM Steve Mills, would you trade Shumpert? If so, who would you deal him for?

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