Opening tip: Does Dolan win for trying?

So Phil Jackson could be the new New York Knicks czar by the end of the week.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported on Tuesday that Jackson is expected to finalize a deal which would give Jackson “control of the club's front office by the end of this week.”

It sounds as though the Knicks are on the verge of landing the biggest catch in the NBA. But what if things fall apart between the Knicks and Jackson? The longer this dance goes, the more chances there are of something going wrong.

Which leads me to this question: If Jackson doesn’t come to New York, do the Knicks end up looking like suckers?

No, I think the Knicks still come out looking good even if they don’t end up with Jackson.

The mere fact that they have gotten to the point where Jackson is closing in on a deal feels like a coup. Consider that at the start of last week, the Knicks had lost seven straight and soon found themselves surrounded by headlines concerning a fan protest and Joakim Noah trying to recruit Melo to Chicago.

So even if the Knicks don’t land the Lord of the Rings, they can tell their angry fan base that they put the full-court press on Jackson and tried to improve their product with the all-time winningest head coach. They could eventually end up giving the keys to the team to a guy such as Jeff Van Gundy or John Calipari down the road if things don’t work out with Jackson.

So it could feel like a can’t-lose situation for owner Jim Dolan -- even if the Knicks don’t end up with Jackson, at least they can say they went after him hard and nearly got the Zen Master.

Question of the day: If the Knicks don’t end up with Jackson, do you place blame on the Knicks and Dolan for not getting him, or do you give them credit for trying?

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