Nick Cannon booed at Knicks-Nets halftime

NEW YORK -- New York Knicks fans gave “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon a New York-style welcoming at the Garden on Wednesday night.

Cannon was loudly booed at halftime when the comedian/actor was on the court to shoot a taping for the NBC show.

The public address announcer let the crowd know that they would be part of the taping. Cannon told the crowd he would pretend to make a trick shot and asked fans to cheer when the shot was supposed to go in. Cannon explained that through the magic of TV, the trick shot is supposed to go in to make him look like a good basketball player even though he cracked that he's not. Then, Knicks in-game entertainers congratulate Cannon after the shot. That was all part of the shoot.

Cannon was standing on one end of the court. Another employee of the show was on the other end trying to make a basket from near the free throw line while sitting down to create the made basket effect on the other end not long after Cannon pretends to release a trick shot.

Of course, Knicks fans didn’t seem to be in a cooperating mood as they booed Cannon the majority of the time. When they were supposed to cheer after he throws up his trick shot and it goes in, some did cheer.

Cannon then walked off the court and prepared to come back onto the court with his intro for another round of taping. Before he did that, he asked fans to boo even more, saying he wanted them to get it out of their system. Fans happily obliged.

When he returned on the court, Cannon explained he had to do another take and it wasn’t his fault. Fans still booed.

J.R. Smith had to wait a few minutes before he could start taking some warm up shots before the second half started until the “America’s Got Talent” employee finally made a shot on the basket where the Knicks were taking their warm-up shots.

Fans booed as Cannon walked off the court.