Chandler not interested in rebuild?

It's been written and reported ad nauseam throughout the season: Phil Jackson and the Knicks plan to use the cap space and first-round draft pick that they'll have in the summer of 2015 to re-shape the roster.

The logical conclusion to that approach is that management views next year as a "throw-away" engagement in a sense, a necessary step toward a 2015 reboot.

One player doesn't sound like he's on board with that plan.

"I definitely don’t want to waste any seasons. I didn’t want to waste this season. I’m not into wasting seasons," veteran center Tyson Chandler said Tuesday.

Chandler was asked about the Knicks' plan to wait next season out and try to contend in 2015.

"I’ll cross that bridge when it gets to that point," he said. "I hope that it’s not that situation."

That certainly doesn't sound like a guy who is 100 percent sold on the rebuilding plan.

Of course, it makes sense that Chandler wouldn't be enamored with the idea of tanking away 2014-15 to get to the following season.

For one, Chandler's contract expires after the 2014-15 season. Secondly, the former NBA champ is 31 and in his 13th season in the league.

"Your time is too short in this league, and I want to win a championship, another one," Chandler said. "I’m not into wasting seasons."

The Knicks have little flexibility this offseason due to money owed to Chandler ($14.5 million), Andrea Bargnani ($11.5 million) and Amar'e Stoudemire ($23.4 million).

Jackson may attempt to move one or more of those contracts in a trade this summer or prior to the trade deadline. Or he may simply let them expire at the end of the season to ensure that the Knicks have cap space in the summer of 2015.

Chandler was asked if he wants to be a part of the Knicks' "program" going forward.

"Of course, I’m signed up to be part of this program," he said, adding, "I think the future can definitely be bright. I think we have some positive pieces. We just have to understand how to put them together."

Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler

#6 C
New York Knicks

2014 STATS

  • GM55
  • PPG8.7

  • RPG9.6

  • APG1.1

  • FG%.593

  • FT%.632

Chandler admitted that the 2013-14 season was his most frustrating in New York.

"The first year I got here, I understood that it was going to be a building situation. I felt like we had the core pieces. It was just a matter of us getting the pieces to go along with that," Chander said. "My second year I thought we’d make strides. Disappointing loss in the playoffs, but still a good season. This year was just unexpected. I did not expect this coming into it. I thought I had a great summer of training. I didn’t expect to break my leg earlier in the year. From there it just spiraled downhill."

Chandler's injury has been cited often by Mike Woodson as one of the reasons for the Knicks downfall.

He missed 20 games with a fractured right fibula. The injury occurred in the third game of the season. The Knicks went 6-15 without Chandler.

"I thought we played good basketball after the All-Star break. But we kind of dug ourselves in a hole that was kind of tough to get out of," Chandler said.

He added that the season "never felt right. We had some bright spots but never where we were on the level that we should have been."

Woody likes Lamar: Mike Woodson likes the idea of the Knicks signing Queens native Lamar Odom but it doesn't sound like he's been kept in the loop on discussions with the ex-Laker.

"I like Lamar. But again, I don’t know much about it, just from what I hear from you guys and what’s been put in the paper, but I think he’s a talent. He could’ve been good for us earlier in the season. I think because he does a lot of things on the floor to help you win basketball games, that’s for sure," Woodson said.

The coach added that the Knicks had discussed bringing Odom in earlier in the season.

“His name came up. But nothing ever materialized," he said.

Woodson is widely expected to be let go by the Knicks in the offseason. He said on Wednesday that he had yet to plan his exit interview with Jackson. He also hasn't talked to Jackson about the season yet.

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