Fish: Melo can look to MJ, Kobe for triangle

Initially, you can expect Carmelo Anthony to play on the wing and in the post in the Knicks’ new triangle offense.

But eventually, Phil Jackson says Carmelo should be able to play all positions on the floor -- including in the backcourt.

“He will be, I think, quite comfortable in the position he is at on the floor,” Jackson said on Friday.

One of the biggest storylines this season will be Anthony’s performance in the triangle.

Derek Fisher, who knows a thing or two about the offense, believes Anthony should look to examples set by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant -- both of whom won multiple titles playing in the triangle.

“I think that Kobe had Michael as an example of how he played in [the triangle] and how he worked in it. That helped him I think to be a natural when he got to it. Carmelo now has multiple examples of how guys have been successful inside of the system,” Fisher said. “Michael broke the mold in the sense of how to be that great within the system. I think Carmelo will have an advantage so to speak of having these examples of some of the greatest players to ever play, still have these hall of fame careers within the system and playing with their teammates.”

Jackson on Friday acknowledged that there may be a period of adjustment for Anthony, who is accustomed to operating in isolation.

“There’s a period of time in which it takes a scorer with mainly a scoring mentality to play with the idea that you can’t score every time you touch the ball,” Jackson said. “A lot of the scorers, it’s a natural instinct, ‘I get the ball, I look to score.’ Looking to score is one thing, holding the ball is another. That is one of the things that players learn -- that tempo and rhythm -- and I don’t think it is going to be that difficult of a situation.”

It will be interesting to see how quickly Anthony and the rest of the Knicks learn to operate in Jackson’s offense.

The triangle is predicated on constant ball and player movement. It will be a stark contrast for those Knicks who played under Mike Woodson. His offense was often dependent on isolation sets. There is room for isolation in the triangle, but over dribbling and holding the ball are frowned upon.

Earlier this summer, we took a look at how Anthony may fit in the triangle. We also looked at how the triangle impacted Jordan and Kobe in their first seasons in the offense.

For what it’s worth, Anthony said earlier this month that he is excited about playing in the offense.

"Without a doubt, without a doubt. When people say spots, I'm going to be all over the floor in the triangle," Anthony said. "It makes it hard to guard, it keeps all eyes off of you. I'm looking forward to it, I've been saying it all summer. I can't wait."

Fisher says it wasn't only about the money for Melo: Many look at Carmelo Anthony's re-signing with the Knicks as Anthony going for the money. After all, he signed a five-year, $124 million contract to return to New York. But Fisher believes it was about more than money for Melo.

"I think there’s no question [Anthony] wants to win,” Fisher said. “At the same time, that’s why he came back, because he believes that’s possible. I don’t believe it was just for the money. He could have gotten the money to go anywhere, but I do believe he’s confident in not just where we are, but where we can go, and he wants to participate in that in a very detailed way. So I’m hopeful that we can all come in collectively, put our talents together to achieve some special things.”

Fisher quizzes Kidd: Fisher talked to ex-Nets coach Jason Kidd about transitioning from player to coach.

Kidd led the Nets to the playoffs last year before leaving the organization for Milwaukee.

"I've spoken with Jason a couple times. But I didn’t have a lot of questions about what happened and why; just moreso a conversation about becoming a coach and working with players and how to improve the situation as best you can," Fisher said. "I thought Jason did a phenomenal job considering that he came in with no experience. So everybody that I've spoken to, Jason included, the advice is to be yourself, be consistent in who you are, believe in that, trust it and focus on doing your job. That’s what I'm going to try and do."

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