Video: Carmelo to China? 'Why Not'

Now that Yao Ming is retired, his plan is to partner with the NBA to continue to globalize the league and sport, especially by further pushing its popularity in China.

But he won’t have to do it alone.

Carmelo Anthony, along with his two marquee Jordan Brand members, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade, are in China this week through August 3 building basketball ties with the country. It’s the first time the three amigos have been there since the 2008 Summer Olympics, where they won the gold medal.

As part of the Jordan Brand Flight Tour, the three superstars will hold clinics and oversee other interactive hoops events in Hong Kong, Chengdu, HangZhou and Beijing. They also will be introducing three special versions within their newly-launched “Flight Line”: Explosive (Melo), Quick (CP3) and Air (D-Wade).

While he was in Hong Kong yesterday, Melo addressed the most obvious question from the Chinese media: Would you pick China if there’s a lockout? (Clubs there are already after his Knicks teammate Amare Stoudemire).

Here’s Melo with his response and more on China.