Melo ready to play primarily small forward

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Carmelo Anthony thinks he will be playing primarily small forward this season.

After playing a good deal of power forward -- and excelling at that position -- over the past two seasons, Anthony thinks he will be mostly a small forward this season.

“We got too many,” Anthony said of power forwards on the roster. “I don’t need to go down there and battle. For what?”

“If it comes down to it, I’ll go back there,” Anthony added. “But I doubt it. They’re going to move me. We’re pretty packed at four and five positions.”

In the triangle, Derek Fisher envisions his players playing multiple positions.

“I mean, Carmelo can play any position in our system,” Fisher said. “It’s not necessarily about the number of the position. I don’t think I can say at the moment what we’ll do.”

“Our wing players do the same things on both sides of the floor,” Fisher added. “So it just depends on what’s ultimately best for the team ... We like the big guys on our roster right now, so we at least want to give them an opportunity. But we’ll see how it goes over these next couple weeks.”

Anthony lost some weight in the offseason, but he says that did not have to do with the fact that he thought he would play more small forward.

“Honestly, I thought I would be all over the floor, playing on the top, outside,” he said. “I think in this system more than anything, playing on the wing is where I like to be. Playing in the post is where I like to be. And the way we play, we’re all over the court, so you never know where you’re going to get the ball, you never know where you’re going to be.”

“I was always a small forward,” Anthony added. “Coach K [USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski] made me a power forward.”

Anthony is eager to see how he will benefit by playing in the triangle. He believes the system will take pressure off of him and some of the burden of carrying the team.

In the offseason, Anthony spoke to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Kobe Bryant about the triangle and what he needs to know about playing within the system.

“Everybody said the same thing: You’ve got to be patient,” Anthony said. “Sometimes in a system like this you can overthink, and it can alter the way you go out there and approach the game. But if you play your game within the system, I mean everything works out for the best.”

Nagging injuries: Fisher said Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. watched some scrimmaging at the end of practice to rest some ailments.

“Just with those two guys, they kind of have some nagging injuries,” Fisher said. “It’s best to have those guys out once we got to some of the most intense parts. I mean Shumpert and Tim were in early, and the most of the stuff we did in the first half of practice, and so we thought it was smart to be careful with those two guys coming off of a long week.”

“So nothing that we at this point believe is serious or long term,” Fisher added. “We’re just giving them the best chance to be healthy as quickly as possible.”