Hardaway Jr.: We're giving our all, unlike last year

Tim Hardaway Jr. says he sees an improvement in the Knicks' effort this season. Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports

Many people on the outside -- fans and media -- thought the Knicks last season were just going through the motions at times.

Tim Hardaway Jr. raised that point during his postgame interview Monday night.

Using words that he would later apologize for (see below), Hardaway hinted that the Knicks didn’t give it their all last season, when they won just 37 games.

“We’re out there trying. It’s not like last year. This year, we’re actually out there trying to give it our all,” Hardaway said after the New York Knicks' loss to the Atlanta Hawks. “You can see the frustration on our faces if we make a mistake.”

Hardaway's words -- understandably -- caused a bit of an uproar on social media. The idea that professional athletes aren’t giving their best efforts doesn’t sit well with paying customers.

Early Tuesday morning, Hardaway said on Twitter that he “misspoke” and he apologized to fans.

It’s just our two cents, but we think Hardaway's apology should be accepted.

He was speaking off-the-cuff and used a poor choice of words. His intention was to point out that the Knicks are highly concerned over wins and losses this season. In trying to illustrate that point, he put the focus on one of the bigger issues around the team last season.

Some players had lost faith in coach Mike Woodson during points in the season and it impacted their performance. You didn’t need Hardaway to tell you that. But his words on Monday night served as a reminder.

Question: What do you think of Hardaway's initial comments about last season's Knicks? Do you chalk it up to a poor choice of words, or is there truth to the notion?

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