Melo getting more 'comfortable' in triangle

NEW YORK -- Things are starting to get a little easier for Carmelo Anthony in the triangle offense.

"I'm getting there," Anthony said late Sunday afternoon. "Every game I'm starting to become a little bit more comfortable with my role."

Those aren't just hollow words from the Knicks star. The proof is in the numbers.

Anthony had his most efficient game of the young NBA season on Sunday, scoring 28 points on 14 shots in the New York Knicks' 109-93 win over the Denver Nuggets.

Over his past six quarters, Anthony has made 20 of his past 27 shots, scoring 58 points.

Knicks coach Derek Fisher has noticed Anthony getting more comfortable finding shots within the offense over the past few days.

"Just finding a better balance for himself," Fisher said after Anthony helped the Knicks snap their seven-game losing streak on Sunday. "When is it his turn to be the prolific scorer that he is? When is it time for him to take a step back and allow the offense to work so that his teammates can find some rhythm? I just think as each game goes by, he's getting more aware of when those times are."

There was a stretch in the second quarter when Anthony knocked down a 3-pointer early in the shot clock from the right wing and then drilled a 19-footer early during the Knicks' next possession. This was an example of Anthony choosing the prolific-scorer role over operating within the confines of the offense.

He said after the game that he probably would have passed on those shots earlier in the season, when he was less sure of his role offense.

"I know Fish was over there like, 'No. No. No. No. All right. Good shot,'" Anthony said with a laugh. "That was a rhythm play."

Anthony seemed to be out of rhythm for long stretches over the past two weeks as the Knicks (3-8) struggled. He missed 58 of his 86 attempts over four games earlier this month. At the time, Anthony said he was still searching for his "comfort zone" in the triangle.

Entering the season, many analysts wondered how Anthony would fit into the Knicks' new offense. Anthony prefers to hold the ball, survey the defense and operate in isolation. The triangle requires constant ball and player movement.

Knicks president Phil Jackson talked about Anthony needing to be a more willing passer to thrive in the offense.

Surely there will be more ebbs and flows over the course of the season. But Anthony seemed to take a step toward finding his way in the triangle this weekend.

On Friday night, he had 30 points on 13 shots in the second half of the Knicks' loss to the Utah Jazz.

On Sunday, Anthony picked up where he left off, scoring 17 points on nine shots in the first half against Denver. And he seemed to do it within the framework of the offense.

Four of his 10 makes on the afternoon were from the left wing, one of the primary pieces of real estate in the triangle. Anthony was also effective in the weakside post, knocking down a turnaround jumper in the pinch post and scoring two buckets in the paint on moves with his back to the basket.

"He's getting used to the amount of movement in the offense and where his shots come from within it," Fisher said afterward. "I think, those factors, he's just got a better hold of them right now."

Question: How would you assess what you have seen from Anthony in the triangle?

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