Carmelo wants to start workouts

Lockout or no lockout, Carmelo Anthony wants to get the Knicks together for preseason workouts, possibly sometime in early October.

After playing in an exhibition game in Baltimore featuring Chris Paul, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Anthony said he hopes to get the Knicks together at a neutral site to workout.

Anthony played less than half a season with the Knicks after the team acquired him in a mega deal from Denver, so feels it's his responsibility to get the players together to help develop chemistry and cohesion.

"Most likely I think as the month goes on, probably early October, well start getting guys together," Anthony said. "I'll make it my duty to get guys together whether it's in LA, New York or a neutral place."

Amare Stoudemire first floated the idea of preseason workouts.

Anthony joked that he wanted to touch base with Stoudemire about the workouts, but he couldn't get in touch with him.

"I'm trying to find Amare man," Anthony said with a laugh. "If anyobody's seen Amare just tell him [I'm looking for him]. I don't know where he's at man. I heard he's in China, I heard he's back. Maybe I'll see him in New York next week for Fashion Week."