Is he still elite? Melo says that's 'dumbest question'

Elsa/Getty Images

If you were wondering whether Carmelo Anthony still considers himself an elite player, you have your answer.

Anthony provided it on Instagram over the weekend when he responded to a user's post wondering if he is an elite player with the following: "That might be the dumbest question ever asked."

OK then.

Anthony has responded to several posts on Instagram over the past few months.

In August, he told one user, "You are stuck with me buddy. Deal with it. If you want me gone, I'll personally walk you into the front office so you can plead your case of the Knicks trading me. Hope you have bail money bc they might have you arrested for Disturbing the Peace."

Last week, amid reports that the Knicks were considering trading Anthony, the All-Star forward published a post that read "I should throw the ball at you clowns!!!!! I hear the whispers!!!!"

Anthony said last month that he's pleased with the players the Knicks signed in free agency and he's downplayed reports that he's unhappy with the direction of the team. The 31-year-old had surgery to repair a patella injury in his left knee after the All-Star Game last season and is expected to be healthy for training camp, which starts later this month.