Sources: Carmelo frustrated with Knicks' slow pace

Carmelo Anthony told teammates the Knicks needed to play faster in an effort to get easier baskets in transition, according to sources. Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t hidden the fact that he’s been disappointed by the Knicks' recent struggles.

“Losing is frustrating,” Anthony said after the Knicks’ loss to the Mavericks on Monday. “I don’t want this to be an ongoing situation or an ongoing feeling where we have to come into the locker room and explain why we’re losing basketball games.”

Anthony hasn’t offered many specifics, publicly, for why he thinks the Knicks (10-13) have struggled lately. But, privately, sources say Anthony has expressed frustration to teammates with the Knicks’ slow pace of play.

After a recent home loss, Anthony told teammates that the Knicks needed to play faster in an effort to get easier baskets in transition, sources say.

“He felt like they were stuck in the half court too much,” one source said Thursday.

In the preseason and early in the regular season, the Knicks were playing at one of the NBA’s fastest paces. But they’ve since slowed down considerably. They enter Thursday’s game against the Sacramento Kings ranked 23rd in pace.

Coach Derek Fisher emphasized in the preseason that he wanted the Knicks to play faster after they finished last season playing at the third-slowest pace in the NBA.

So it would appear that Fisher and Anthony are looking for the same change in play for New York, which has dropped seven of nine.

Fisher said last month that he’d like the Knicks to play faster and look for opportunities in transition. But he pointed to a lack of practice time as one reason New York had been unable to do so.

The Knicks may also be able to increase their pace if they created more turnovers and limited opponents' offensive rebounds. They enter play Thursday forcing just 12.5 turnovers per game -- the second fewest in the NBA. They also are allowing 11.5 offensive rebounds per game -- tied for the fifth-highest total entering Thursday’s games -- and rank 24th in defensive rebounding rate.