Matt Barnes on Derek Fisher: 'I just don't like him, plain and simple'

MEMPHIS -- Hours before the Grizzlies game against the Knicks, Matt Barnes said that he had no plans to address coach Derek Fisher on the court.

"I just don’t like him, plain and simple. He knows I don’t like him," Barnes said. "Don’t say nothing to me, I don’t plan on saying nothing to him. Don’t try to shake my hand. There’s none of that. There’s nothing there. There never will be. Just stay away from me basically."

That's how it played out on Saturday night. Fisher and Barnes didn't interact during the Grizzlies' win over Knicks. It was the first time the two ex-Lakers were in the same building since they were involved in an off-the-court altercation at the home of Barnes' ex-wife in the Los Angeles area on Oct. 3.

Barnes had five assists, nine rebounds and two points in 26 minutes on Saturday. He didn't make any eye contact with Fisher, who was booed during introductions by the Grizzlies crowd.

Barnes said before the game that he has received widespread support for his role the altercation with Fisher.

"There’s support throughout the league, other leagues, GMs, owners, entertainers, actors, everybody. It’s been a great support," Barnes said. "Every man who looks at the situation knows what’s right and wrong. Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is. And unfortunately, it happened. I don’t regret it. Like, man to man knows who’s wrong and who’s right. The NBA decided to step in and did what they did. But it is what it is."

The incident occurred during a party at the home of Gloria Govan. Barnes told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne that he went to Govan's home to check on his 6-year-old twin sons after receiving text messages and using FaceTime with his sons and sensing they were uncomfortable. Barnes said one of the twins told him, "Mommy's friend Derek is here."

Barnes lives about 15 minutes from Govan's house in Redondo Beach, California. He drove to the home, where the situation among Barnes, Fisher and Govan escalated and a physical altercation reportedly took place. No charges were filed.

Fisher has mostly deflected questions about Barnes. Barnes said Saturday that he isn’t surprised Fisher hasn’t responded.

"Because he knows he’s wrong," Barnes said. "You know what I mean? And he already took one L. So what’s the point?"