Phil Jackson compares Steph Curry to ... Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf?

NBA players, coaches, execs, analysts and fans have struggled to find the proper comparison for Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

On Sunday, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson offered his own Curry comparison on Twitter.

Jackson added another tweet on Monday, saying he wasn't actually comparing Curry and Abdul-Rauf.

On the surface, putting these two names in the same sentence might seem silly -- particularly given how Curry performed on Saturday night.

He hit the game-winning shot in the best regular-season game of the season while also tying the single-game mark for made 3-pointers (12) and breaking his own single-season mark for made 3s (288). Abdul-Rauf didn't approach those records during his eight seasons in the NBA, of course.

But the guess here is that Jackson isn't comparing the players' statistics. He's comparing their styles of play.

As SB Nation's Posting & Toasting points out, Jackson probably remembers Abdul-Rauf from his performance against Jackson's 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Abdul-Rauf and the Denver Nuggets handed Jackson's Bulls one of their 10 losses that season. And the highlights of that game show a player who has some similarity to Curry.