Amare hosts breakfast for MSG employees

There’s no doubt that Amare Stoudemire wants a ‘W’ for Christmas in the Knicks season opener. But before tip, Stoudemire kept the giving spirit of the holidays when he hosted breakfast for a few hundred Madison Square Garden employees.

“We don’t really get a chance to interact with them much, that’s why I really wanted to talk the time out to show our appreciation and show that we really, truly appreciate their hard work,” he said.

The Amare Stoudemire Foundation provided the pre-game meal for security, ushers, ticket personnel, custodian staff and other MSG staff. Stoudemire dropped in to pose for pictures and shake a few hands before the game. He said that he wanted to show his supports to the people that keep the Garden running, especially since those are some of the people hardest hit by the NBA work stoppage.

“I’m pretty sure it was tough for everyone,” he said. “The lockout wasn’t a fun thing to go through. I wanted to let them know that we had them in mind the whole time and that it’s great to get back to work.”