For Harvey, deGrom, Colon, two out of three wouldn't be bad

Even with spate of injuries the New York Mets have had so far this season, there’s still plenty of room for optimism.

Jacob deGrom looks like he’s picked up where he left off. Matt Harvey, illness notwithstanding, looks like he’s primed for a nice comeback. And hey, Bartolo Colon has been fantastic so far, both on the mound and at the plate.

The Mets are 2-1 when deGrom pitches, 3-0 when Harvey pitches and 3-0 when Colon pitches.

This got me to thinking: If deGrom and Harvey (or one of the two, along with Colon) each get to 30 starts this season and the Mets win 20 of them, that bodes pretty well for the team’s postseason hopes, doesn’t it?

The Elias Sports Bureau confirmed that bit of common baseball sense with this stat.

There have been 25 instances over the last 20 seasons in which a team had at least two pitchers for whom they won at least two-thirds of their starts, and each pitcher made at least 30 starts.

Of those 25, 24 made the postseason. The 2002 Red Sox are the only exception.