Juan Lagares showing impressive range

NEW YORK -- The season is a month old, but center fielder Juan Lagares is still capable of surprising left fielder Michael Cuddyer. The New York Mets' outfielders came together on a pair of fly balls in the Mets' 3-2 win on Tuesday night over the Baltimore Orioles, and after the second one, Cuddyer came to the dugout still in wonderment.

"Michael said, 'God, he's calling me off on balls that are hit right to me -- he's unbelievable,'" manager Terry Collins said.

The Mets got a mini-scare the first time it happened Tuesday. Lagares made a backhand catch of an Everth Cabrera fly ball in the fifth inning and stayed down for a few seconds. It appeared at first the Cuddyer's leg hit Lagares' shoulder. It turned out they didn't collide, but when Lagares hit the ground, his elbow jammed into his ribcage and knocked the wind out of him.

"I just felt I couldn't breathe for a second," Lagares said.

Lagares remained in the game, and said afterwards that he felt fine.

Cuddyer said he realizes now how much range Lagares has.

"You just hope bad things don't happen," he said.