David Wright still in holding pattern in L.A.

NEW YORK -- New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said there has been no change in David Wright’s status. The 32-year-old captain continues to receive physical therapy in Los Angeles as he deals with stenosis in his lower back.

“We won’t have updates on a routine basis,” Alderson said Thursday afternoon. “He’s still in California. I’m expecting he’ll be there for the next couple of weeks -- several weeks. But we’re still confident that he’ll be back some time this season.”

Asked if the longer-term nature of Wright’s absence might compel the team to make a trade, Alderson said: “Well, we’ve been considering that since we learned that David wouldn’t be back in a couple of weeks -- that it would be a lot longer. We’ve been looking at various options since then. With [Daniel] Murphy going out [with the quadriceps strain], things were complicated. But we’ve got [Dilson] Herrera coming back. Again, you have to sort of balance what you have versus what you think you can get, and at what player cost more than anything else.”

The Mets have been linked in reports to Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez, although a team source twice this week told ESPN.com the Mets do not plan to acquire him.

If the Mets acquire a player, optimally he would have versatility, not be locked into one position.

Speaking in general terms, Alderson said, “Would you consider a third baseman who can’t do anything else? Under the current circumstances, yeah, we probably would. But we’re not just looking for any third baseman. It has to be something we think is an improvement that doesn’t cost us significantly -- I’m focusing on the talent part of it -- for what we’re trying to do this season and next season as well.”