GM: Mets willing to 'overpay' for hitter, but nothing available

NEW YORK -- General manager Sandy Alderson insisted that he is willing to “overpay” to acquire a bat to aid the New York Mets, but there simply is nothing to bid on right now.

“I would characterize us as somewhat aggressive,” Alderson said Friday. “… Are we prepared to overpay? Me, personally, yeah, I’m prepared to overpay. But there has to be something to overpay for.

“You get to the point where you’re prepared, based on the short term, to maybe do a little more than you’d otherwise do,” the GM added. “But there still has to be something out there that’s attractive that you really believe is going to help your team.

“And I don’t mean 90 percent certainty that this acquisition is going to help the team, because in some ways just the psychological benefit of somebody new coming in can help for at least a few days.

“But I don’t think we’re at the point where, No. 1, there are that many people out there that are going to benefit us. And, No. 2, seven days ago -- or whatever it was -- we’re 36-30. We just took two from Toronto. Everything is looking up. And a week later it’s panic city. And I’m not whistling past the graveyard, either. But we continue to try to improve the team. We continue to try to put the best team out there that we can.”

Alderson added that the move needs to count, because the Mets are not going to make a flurry of acquisitions.

“I’ve talked about having money available at the deadline,” he said. “But we’re not going to be making two, three, four, five moves. So we’ve got to be sure -- not sure, but we’ve got to be at least somewhat confident -- that what we’re going to do here is going to help us.

“And, of course, that’s a function of what somebody wants and so forth. We’re not looking at somebody who is going to be a starter for us the rest of the season necessarily. But it has to be somebody who fits that we think can actually help us either short term or a little bit longer term. But right now. I think, there’s less of an emphasis in our minds in the trade market on the long term.”

Alderson essentially said manager Terry Collins will need to win with what he has right now.

“Obviously we haven’t hit,” Alderson said. “We’ve pitched reasonably well in most games. We haven’t hit at all over the last week or so. We’re hopeful that [Daniel] Murphy will be back and that will change some things. We continue to look externally. But what we have to remember, and am reminded of in conversations, is it’s not even July 1. Even take a team maybe 10 days ago that was completely out of the race and maybe has started to play better. [It’s] reluctant to make a move this early before the trade deadline. That’s not to say that every team is in that situation.

“But if you were to go back and look and say to yourself, ‘OK, so how many teams are out of it right now -- three, four?’ And then there has to be a match from a positional standpoint as well as a potential standpoint. So right now it’s a thin market. So I think the bottom line, at least for the time being, until something breaks, we need to get the job done with what we have.”